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bullet Ian's prediction's for the next 10 years of travel: More.


bullet New Zealand launch party for the Journal of Tourism Futures Read More.


bullet New Publication: Can New Zealand be an Eco Paradise? Read More.


bullet Is stem cell food the future? More.


bullet Ian talks about the future of food and food festivals here.


bullet NEW Ian talks about the next generation of event goers: Download PDF here.


bullet Ian comments on the future of airports here.


bullet The Journal of Tourism Futures is launched with Dr Ian Yeoman as co-editor here.


bullet Ian discusses the differences between men and women when it comes to cooking here.


bullet 2050: Future of Food Festivals Victoria University researchers explore stem burgers to communities here.


bullet Why Men Cook But Don't Wash Up: Excerts from future of tourism book here.


bullet Architecture and Culinary Experiences: Excerts from future of food tourism book here.


bullet New Publication: New Zealand as an Eco Paradise Download PDF.


bullet New Publication: Ian talks too Jim Dator about 300 years of tourism in Hawaii Download PDF.


bullet The science fiction of future travel here.


bullet Ian discusses the future of tourism technology (but it's in Italian) here.


bullet New Book: The Future of European Tourism – Find Out More.


bullet Family Futures – Find Out More.



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